Digital Citizen Summit 2023

DEF’s fifth Digital Citizen Summit in Hyderabad, November 2023, is your opportunity to tackle digital challenges head-on. As tech advances, we face issues like surveillance and misinformation. Join us to discuss safe internet access, digital literacy, free speech, AI risks, and a more democratic digital future. Let’s shape policies and protect digital rights together, just as we’ve done since our inaugural summit in 2016. Mark your calendars!


Why DCS 2023

Current developments in the field:

– India sees a 200% rise in rural and 158% increase in urban internet subscriptions from 2015 to 2021 (Economic Survey 2023).

– In the financial year 2021-22, digital transactions worth 8840 crores occurred, with UPI accounting for 52% (Economic Survey 2023).

– Citizen services are increasingly going digital, and more Indians are using social media.

– However, there are significant bottlenecks in terms of citizens’ digital presence, rights, service access, and financial engagement.


At the Digital Citizen Summit 2023:

– Diverse groups, including academics, experts, civil society organizations, and government officials, will gather.

– They will contribute through research papers, sessions, workshops, and demonstrations, addressing these digitization challenges.

But that’s not all, view the detailed agenda.

Principal Partners