This year we received an extraordinarily high volume of funding requests. We are currently processing these travel support funding requests and will notify recipients shortly. However, given the limited amount of funds, we suggest that you begin seeking assistance from other sources.


If you aren’t sure whether or not you need a visa, check out our guide, which provides key resources and tips on the Indian visa process. Keep in mind, the visa process can take  a few months, so we encourage you to begin your application as soon as possible.

If you require a personalized invitation letter to Digital Citizen Summit (2018) for obtaining a India visa, please fill out our request form and we will send you the corresponding letter.

For any additional questions, we are happy to help you and provide full support in VISA process

Visa Enquiry


Governement of India issues the following visas: e-Visa, Business Visa, Conference Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Employment Visa, Emergency Visa, Entry Visa, Journalist Visa, Medical Visa, Missionaries Visa, Permit to re-enter within 2 months, Research Visa, Student Visa, Tourist Visa, Transit Visa,Intern Visa,Film Visa.


Upon receipt of the Visa Application through Indian Visa Application Center or directly, the Indian Mission/ Post requires a minimum of three working days to process the case and issue a visa depending upon the nationality and excluding special cases.

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