The two day summit will have the following format:

Open Forum (30/45/60 Mins): A space for organizations and participants to showcase their recent internet governance activities, research findings or any new initiatives to seek engagement or collaboration within the South Asian community. Selected papers will be presented during this session.

Bird of Feather (BoF) (30/45/60 Mins): An informal discussion session designed to connect the participants of shared topic of interests without a pre-planned agenda. This session has been designed to engage participants in free-flowing discussions and encourage open dialogue about issues of common interest.

Panel (60/90 Mins): Presentation and viewpoints sharing by speakers on a particular topic. The number of speakers on the panel shall not be more than 6 to allow sufficient time for interaction with the floor.

Roundtable (60/90 Mins): Interactive dialogue with all participants with designated moderators and not more than 2 speakers.

Workshop (60/90 Mins): A more hands-on oriented session with small break out groups. e.g. role-play discussion, fishbowl discussion.

Tech Demos (Flexible): Meet-up for  collectively & collaboratively improving software or hardware.