The Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and the Centre for Development Policy & Practice (CDPP) are thrilled to extend a warm and cordial invitation to you for the 5th Digital Citizen Summit 2023. This annual event, meticulously organised by a synergy of technology and social innovation experts, serves as a platform for bringing together a diverse and dynamic gathering of scholars, academics, practitioners, civil society organisations, and government representatives who share a profound interest in technology, digital citizenship, and social innovation. As our world becomes increasingly digitized, we are forced to become digital citizens. This has brought new set of challenges such as the digital divide, data privacy concerns, AI risks, and more. At DCS 2023, you can learn more about these topics and how we can tackle them with the intersection of policy, research, and infrastructure through sessions, round-table discussions, workshops, lightening talks and visual storytelling mediums with a wide consortium of partners listed here.