Name: Nicolas Andres Pace

Organisation: AlterMundi

Country: Argentina

Stakeholder Group: Civil Society Organisation

Thematic Area: Access

Session Title: Deploying a LibreRouter Mesh Network

Session Format: WORKSHOP (60/90 MINS)

Co-organizers Name (if any):

Speakers Name: Nicolas Andres Pace

Speaker Status: Confirmed

Relevance of the issue with specified session theme: LibreRouter is the Router for Wireless Community Networks, by Community Networks. It has been thought from the ground up for our Community Networks, and has all the feature required to easen the creation and expansion of Community Networks without technical knowledge. The workshop will allow the audience to engage with the device and deploy a network during the workshop time.

Content of the session (Objective of the session): We will do a deployment of a Wireless Community Network from 0, no technical knowledge required. We will try to collaboratively deploy a LibreRouter Mesh Network hands-on with the audience in record time, without any prior technical knowledge, to show how easy it is to deploy community networks using this tool. LibreRouter is the Router for Wireless Community Networks, by Community Networks.

Please describe how you will use your speakers and how their views/ perspectives /expertise will be included in the session: Nicolas Pace has been doing Community Network’s outreach activities with Communities for the last year and will put his experience at the service of the audience to manage to deploy a successful network in record time.

How are you bringing diversity in your proposed session whether it is relevant to the specified theme? By easing the deployment of community networks to the minimum, anyone can create their own network for whatever project they may want. That means that any marginalized group or forgotten town can provide themselves with connectivity without expecting anyone to give it for them.

Relevant Tags (Minimum 3 tags) community networks, digital empowerment