Name: Kazim Rizvi

Organisation: The Dialogue

Country: India

Stakeholder Group: Civil Society Organisation

Thematic Area: Privacy

Session Title: Industry 4.0 and Cyber Security: Confronting Challenges

Session Format: PANEL (60/90 MINS)

Co-organizers Name (if any):

Speakers Name: Devan Chenoy, Vaibhav Chowdhury, Gulshan Rai, Tabrez Ahmed, Ashutosh Chadha, Sanjay Bahl, Deepak Maheshwai

Speaker Status: Waiting for confirmation

Relevance of the issue with specified session theme: The fourth industrial revolution brings with it a new operational risk for connected, smart manufacturers and digital supply networks: cyber. The interconnected nature of industry 4.0 driven operations and the pace of digital transformation mean that cyber-attacks can have far more extensive effects than ever before, and manufacturers and their supply networks may not be prepared for the risks. for cyber risk to be adequately addressed in the age of industry 4.0, cyber-security strategies should be secure, vigilant, and resilient, as well as fully integrated into organizational and information technology strategy from the start. Organisations must be capable of protecting a vast array of technology along the supply chain, whereas a would-be cyber attack must only be able to pinpoint the weakest link. There are other, equally important risks that businesses must also take into consideration. Organisations increasingly make use of innovative, connected technologies to transform, modernise, and otherwise make tactical or strategic business decisions that could potentially result in critical cyber risks. It is imperative that organisations manage and mitigate these risks to be able to succeed.

Content of the session (Objective of the session): Currently in India, public discourse on a multi-stakeholder level around cyber security and industry 4.0 is limited. Industry 4.0 has been heralded as the future of manufacturing, and the future for India is in ensuring its spot as the “digital factory of the world”. India’s thrust towards “Make in India” should keep in cognizance Industry 4.0 and begin its positioning in this space. Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important aspects of Industry 4.0 for India as it is expected to capture close to 20 per cent share in global Internet of Things market in the next five years. Keeping this in mind, we proposed to organize a session with leading experts from industry 4.0, smart manufacturing and cyber security angles in order to initiate a nationwide discourse on this issue and build stakeholder consensus on policy and regulatory affairs.

The objectives are: To initiate and drive a dialogue on the linkages between cyber scurity and smart manufacturing

To raise awareness on the need for policy and regulatory infrastructure

To propose outcomes and ideas towards better integrating cyber security and industry 4.0

What is USP of the session: The USP of the session is that for the first time on a multi-stakholder platform we are starting a discussion on policy, regulatory and other challenges around cyber security and smart manufacturing to best prepare for the advent of Industry 4.0 in India

Please describe how you will use your speakers and how their views/ perspectives /expertise will be included in the session: Our speakers belong to a diverse fields and backgrounds. They range from manufacturing institutions to cyber security experts, Government officials, consultants, think-tankers and industry association professionals. The speakers will drive the sessions which will be moderated by Kazim Rizvi, Founding Editor of The Dialogue. It will be a panel session that will cater to the following topics for discourse: 1. How cyber security is imperative to smart manufacturing.  2. Why smart grids need the best physical and policy infrastructure with respect to security in order to thrive in the future 3. What role is Govt. playing to ensure security challenges are dealt with for industry 4.0. 4. How can our cyber security policies be developed in order to ensure minimal cracks for the advent of industry 4.0. Our speakers will be given a topic to speak that will be within the larger scope of the session. They will get 5-10 minutes to speak and after which there will be 20-205 minutes open round discussion where questions will be answered by the experts.

How are you bringing diversity in your proposed session whether it is relevant to the specified theme? Our session will be a platform to discuss a diverse set of activities driven by the common theme of smart manufacturing and cyber security. Cyber security affects all form of smart manufacturing processes, be it smart grid, smart cities, automation, integrated machinery, artificial intelligence and internet of things. To address all these aspects, we will be inviting experts who understand various factors from an infrastructure, policy and regulatory perspective to ensure that all links around smart manufacturing and cyber security are discussed on an outcome based discourse.

Relevant Tags (Minimum 3 tags) Cyber-Security, Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Privacy, Smart-Grid, Smart Cities