September 18, 2017
Day 1: 21st September (Thursday)
Time Registration
0900 – 1000 Theatre Maple Magnolia
1000 – 1010 Welcome & Introduction by Digital Empowerment Foundation

The session will start with introduction of FNF and DEF. The session will give an overview of the summit. The session will also define the objectives of the summit and set the context for whole day. The session will start with focusing on four parameters of the summit – Access; Privacy, Freedom of Expression and Digital Literacy & Empowerment.

By: Osama Manzar, Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation

Ronald Meindurus, FNF

1010 – 1130 Inaugural Session 

Digital Citizen Summit 2017: Access, Rights & Privacy

The opening session will kick off giving an overview about citizens’ digital rights; intersection of online and offline human rights and how they affect each other in our day-to-day lives by Moderator. Broadly, the panel discussion would follow an interactive ‘chat show’ format. A ‘core group’ of experts from different backgrounds will act as the main drivers for discussion, but supported by audience interaction, questions and comments. Each panelist has 5-7 minutes to deliberate upon the question asked.


  1. Rajnesh Singh, Internet Society (ISOC)
  2. Usha Ramanathan, Legal Researcher
  3. Chinmayi Arun, Centre for Communication Governance, National Law University, Delhi
  4. Al-Amin Yusuph, UNESCO
  5. Carlos Rey Moreno, APC

Moderated by: Bishakha Datta, Point of View

1130-1200 Tea Break
1200-1230 Panel

Connecting India’s Billion by The Dialogue


Merged Session: Don’t Let It Stand: How do women deal with online abuse? & Curbing the freedom of expression for women in digital spaces by

Internet Democracy Project & Feminism in India

Open Forum

Mobile campaigning for social change by Amnesty International India

1230 – 1300


Open Forum

Gram, IIT Mumbai for rural connectivity

1300-1400 Lunch
1400   – 1430



Merged Session: Silencing Voices: Worrisome state of restricting religious and political dissent in the

sub-continent by Center for Social Activism (CSA) & Bytes For All



How to hold a Wikipedia edit-a – thon and reduce its gender gap by Feminism in India 

Round Table 

Towards a digitally empowered society with digitally empowered citizens by ICTA

1430 – 1445



1445   – 1500




Merged Session: Feminist taking over of the web using ICTs by Hidden Pockets, Point of View & Feminism in India

1500 – 1530 Open Forum


Digital literacy as a tool for self- empowerment by F-infotech

1530 – 1600 Tea
1600   – 1630



Optimal access to financial infrastructure for sustainable growth of digital financial services:

Examining the role of regulation and competition by CUTS International


LibreRouter: A router for

community networks by community network by



Merged session: Social media’s complicated

relationship with sexual content and expression of LGBTQI and disabled persons By Hidden Pockets & Point of View

1645-1700 Open Forum


Open eGovernance Index by FMA

1700-1715 Open Forum


Accessibility & Technology for All by Society for Rehabilitation of the Visually Challenged

1730 -1900 Delhi Tech Talk by CCG
1900 – 2100 Networking Dinner
  Day 2: 22nd September 2017 (Friday)
1000 – 1030 Workshop


Legally ‘Obscene’ – Law, gender, and digital rights by Point of View


Panel Going beyond privacy: The

social justice implications of

surveillance culture by Internet

Democracy Project


Industry 4.0 and cyber security:

Confronting challenges by The Dialogue

1030 – 1045
1045 – 1100  
1100 – 1130 Tea
1130 – 1200 Open Forum


Are you part of your City’s map? By

Hidden Pockets


Discussions on right to privacy

and data protection – How do we

reach larger audiences and

make conversations more accessible by CCGNLU and Interned Democracy Project



Active Citizenship and Digital Charter by MediaNama and DEF

1200 – 1230 Round Table

Internet Shutdown by SFLC and DEF

1230-1300 Logical Indian
1300-1400 Lunch
1400-1430 Secure Communications by SFLC Paper presentation

  1. Anuj Singh, Symbosis
  2. Arun P, University of Hyderabad
  3.  Ann Sunil, LCD South Asia

Regulating search engines: Competition, free speech and human rights by Centre for Communication Governance,

National Law University, Delhi

1500-1530 Tea
1530-1630 Special session: Enactment of Right to privacy court room proceedings

The session is about taking people on this enriching journey through role play by highlighting a set of key arguments and counter-arguments that led to achieving privacy as a fundamental right.

1630-1730 Closing ceremony and way forward

By Ronald Meinardus,  FNF

Osama Manzar, DEF

This session will discuss the outcome culled out from the Summit and will set out recommendations.

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